Free nail trim for puppies 6 mos. and under (must provide rabies certificate)

Three Month Offer!   

Unlimited Nail Trims including Dremeling Nails and Teeth Brushing for only $60
 (must provide copy of rabies certificate).   
Please call to schedule your appointment with Rachel or Nick at 781-337-7297.    

Pets LOVE to get pampered at Paws Rule!

Clean and Happy Paws!

Grooming is a very important part of your dog’s life. It helps maintain their overall health as well as making them smell nice. It’s like your dog or cat going to the spa and getting special treatment.


If your dog or cat needs a sprucing up, a nail trim or a professional haircut, Paws Rule is always happy to oblige. Our knowledgeable and friendly grooming staff wants to make your dog/cats grooming experience a positive one. We are a low stress environment that cares about your pet’s needs, and we make your dog or cat a priority.We want your pet to feel safe and comfortable with us.  We are willing to work with all dogs, even the ones that might be considered “difficult” by other shops.


Getting your dog groomed is also like taking your car for a 24-point inspection. Our skilled and talented staff checks your dog for any lumps, bumps, and skin conditions as well as checking the ears for infections. If your pet is suffering from any ailments we notice, the groomer will suggest a follow up visit with your veterinarian regarding these possible conditions.

If you’re booking these services in conjunction with daycare, please make the grooming reservation in advance as well to ensure your spot on the schedule.  Services requested at drop-off may not always be available. Always allow enough time around Holidays.

Services Offered
We work with all types of dogs and cats

Extra Services

**Prices may increase with or without notice