Q.How often should I get my dog groomed?

A.That depends on your dogs coat and how much maintaince you do at home.  A lab for instance, we recommend every 2 months or so.  Wheaton terriers, Golden doodles and such we recommend every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy coat and to deter matting.

Q.How much do you charge?

  1. Again it all depends on the breed and coat condition. Labs generally are $35 depending on size and shedding amount.  Wheaton terriers start at around $50-$60 (this is a full grooming including the hair cut.  Bath prices generally are $10 less than haircut.) Golden doodle and Standard Poodles start around $65.  Of course size is a factor in the price.  The smaller the doodle, Wheaton and Std.Poodle the less they cost.  Smaller haircuts are generally $40-45 for breeds like Yorkie’s, Bichon’s, Lhasa’s, Shitzu’s and so on. Very small dog baths like Pug’s, Beagle’s, Frenchie’s, Boston Terrier’s and so on are $25-$30.
  2. If my dog is matted, will you brush that out and keep the coat long?
  3. This all depends on the amount of matting and the severity. When the dog is matted to the skin, the only way to safely and gently take the mats off is to shave behind it.  If it is matted to the skin, you can demat this but the process is painful and time consuming and we want your pet to enjoy the process, therefore, it is not recommended.  If a long coat is what you desire on your pet we can and are very willing to show you proper ways to maintain what you want.
  4. How long will it take?

A.Generally it takes 3-4 hours, but like anything else things can go wrong to prolong their visit.  When dogs are being groomed sometimes they soil themselves and require another bath. We are working with animals after all and they to can have bad days and not want to particitpate in their grooming.

Q.Can I just walk in for an appointment?

  1. We are always willing to take a walk-in if we have the time.  It’s best to call ahead usually 24 hours a head or sooner is always better to ensure the time frame you most desire. Some days are busier than others.
  2. My dog is nervous; can I have him sooner than 3 hours?
  3. We are always willing to work with your schedule if we can.  The more in advance you make your appointment then we can plan our day.  We recommend that your dog be the first appointment that way he’ll be done first.
  4. Do you use muzzles?
  5. Normally we do not require the use of a mussle, but, on occasion when we feel it is necessary for the safety of the pet and the groomer working with the animal we will.  We use muzzles if the dog is biting at the equipment.  Because we are using sharp scissors and clippers a pet could get seriously injured, and if we feel the muzzle is needed for dog’s safett,
  6. My dog bites; will you groom him?
  7. We will always try to groom any dog.  We are willing to work with any dog.
  8. My cat hates to be groomed; will you do him/her?

A.We love cats and do groom them.  If a cat is to aggressive we will refuse them as a cat bite can be very serious due to the bacteria from the bite.

  1. My dog rolled in poop or got Skunked; will you wash him?

A.Yes, no job is too smelly for us but we do charge extra for the amount of extra baths.  In some cases is can take 4-5 washes to deskunk.  It’s generally $15 extra. The poop rolling depends on how bad and is $5-15 extra.  If your dog got the skunk spray right in the face unfortunately he will still have an odor for a while due to the oils getting into there mouth and eyes.

Q.Do you cut just cut nails without a bath?

  1. Yes, we recommend even if you don’t have your dog bathed every month that you do bring him in for nail trimming every month.  It can be a walk-in appt and its only takes a few minutes.  This will help to maintain a healthy nail length.   In addition, we can dremal the nails.