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Holiday Hours For The Remainder Of 2021

*Columbus Day: 8AM to 5PM

*Halloween: 8AM to 9AM & 7PM to 8PM

*Veteran’s Day: 8AM to 5PM

*Day Before Thanksgiving: 8AM to 3PM

*Thanksgiving Day: CLOSED

*Day After Thanksgiving: 8AM to 5PM

*Christmas Eve Christmas Observed): CLOSED

*Christmas Day: CLOSED

*New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day Observed): CLOSED

*New Year’s Day: CLOSED

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As we move forward in Phase 3 we are going to have new requirements for dogs who have not been attending daycare since March. Details are to follow in a later post/on our website. We wanted to once again stress the importance of daycare, so we are sharing a post from June 17th we made…..
After speaking with a local trainers and two local veterinarians, we wanted to touch on the importance of still bringing your dog to daycare even if you are working from home. Dogs are creatures of habit, routine and structure are very important for them. We have had a couple of clients tell us that their dog is beginning to have separation anxiety even if they leave to run an errand. It’s because now their new routine is being with their families all day everyday for the past three months. Our concern is once more clients begin to head back to work, they will be breaking the new routine of being with their pet constantly. This could be overwhelming for many dogs. We realize you cannot explain things to them, so we have to show them and work with them. This is why it’s important to bring your dog at least once a week to daycare while you are home.
Another key reason why bringing them to daycare even when working from home is that a dog’s social skills are like a muscle, it it isn’t being worked, it weakens. A dog that flourished at daycare may start to become shy and uneasy or not do well in a large group setting. Dogs thrive on socialization with other dogs, daycare and us humans who take care of them. We want your dog to enjoy every moment at Paws Rule, that’s why we have reached out to local professionals for advice. When normalcy returns and schedules are back to normal, Paws will be a crazy fun place for your fur babies. We are asking for your help in making it a smooth transition for us as well as your dog. Please try to find the time to get them back to daycare, even just once a week. It is something that will be beneficial for your dog, their doggie friends and all of us here. Lastly, we miss them and all of you.

Welcome to Paws Rule, a place we know your pets will LOVE!

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